Sponsored Projects

  • Design of efficient storage and query system for high speed network flow analysis (DRDO sponsored project)

  • Big Data Management and Privacy Preservation for Wearable Biosensor Data in Healthcare Monitoring Using Feature Vector Store and Federated Deep Learning (Industry Sponsored project, MapMyIndia)

  • Developing models for designing efficient advertising campaigns over E-commerce platforms such as amazon (Industry sponsored project, CommerceIQ).

  • Multilingual chatbots for Indian languages (Industry sponsored project, C-Zentrics)

Ph.D Research (Work in collaboration Ph.D student)

  1. Developing a blockchain based system for mobile crowdsourcing

    • Protecting the privacy of users in the system using secure smart contracts and other mechanisms

    • Using Zero Knowledge Proof technique for data validation and scalability

    • Data validation using Secure Multiparty Computation and Homomorphic encryption

    • Integrating various layer 2 scalability solutions with layer blockchins for mobile crowd sourcing (Arbitrum, Ploygon, Chainlink, etc.)

    • Decentralized Identity Management

  2. Biometrics for IoT Security

    • Continuous Authentication using Biometrics in IoT Device

    • Developing wearable healthcare device to monitor various physiological parameters (hear rate, pulse rate, temperate, oxygen level etc) and collecting data for different people.

    • Developing computation models to authenticate a person using their bio signals.

    • Biometric Encryption

    • Biometric authentication using blockchain​

  3. Predicting the shelf like, quality and adulteration of milk using IoT and Machine Learning

  4. Design and performance analysis of energy efficient cooperative security protocols for 5G (5th Generation) and beyond Wireless Systems.

    • To model and design mm-Wave (millimeter wave) cooperative 5G network PLS (Physical Layer Security) protocol and investigate its performance.

    • To model and design energy efficient cooperative 5G network PLS protocol by using secrecy efficiency as a tuning parameter and develop its performance analysis.

    • To design ML (Machine Learning)-aided cooperative security protocol for 5G and beyond wireless systems and investigate its performance.

    • To design cross-layer optimized, hybrid cooperative secure protocol for next generation systems and develop its performance analysis.

Software Deployment (Startup Related Tasks)

  • Website Developer  for our startup Cognix (conixai.com)

  • Android App Developer  (Frontend)

  • Android App Full Stack Developer 

  • Mobile App UI designer

  • Enhancing computer vision based algorithm for yoga posture detection

Blockchain Research and App Development

  • Design of real-world blockchain applications in Fintech, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management and other areas.

  • Blockchain research (scalability, consensuses, security and privacy)

  • Decentralized Identity Management

  • Tracing the ownership of physical items using NFT

  • A trustworthy platform to share your piece of art through blockchain (distributed Instagram)

  • Projects related to Blockchain + AI + IoT : IoT device feeds the data to the system

  • Blockchain based NFT enabled Property Management and Exchange System.

  • Decentralized App (DApp) Development : challenges, techniques and future directions

  • Blockchain based NFT enabled property management and exchange system (Design is ready, implementation has to be done)