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Sponsored Projects

  • Design of efficient storage and query system for high speed network flow analysis (DRDO sponsored project)

  • Big Data Management and Privacy Preservation for Wearable Biosensor Data in Healthcare Monitoring Using Feature Vector Store and Federated Deep Learning (Industry Sponsored project, MapMyIndia)

  • Developing models for designing efficient advertising campaigns over E-commerce platforms such as amazon (Industry sponsored project, CommerceIQ).

  • Multilingual chatbots for Indian languages (Industry sponsored project, C-Zentrics)

  • Developing mobile App/Web App for virtual farms 

Research Areas 

  1. Blockchain

    • Blockchain based crowdsensing 

    • User privacy (Zero Knowledge Proof etc.)

    • Secure Multiparty Computation and Homomorphic encryption

    • Layer 2 blockchain scalability (Arbitrum, Ploygon, Chainlink, etc.)

    • Decentralized Identity Management

    • Blockchain and IoT Security

    • Blockchain Applications (Agriculture, Supply chain, 5G, IoT, healthcare, banking, insurance .......)

  2. IoT 

    • Biometric Authentication  in IoT environment

    • Biometric Template Protection in IoT

    • Developing wearable healthcare device to monitor various physiological parameters (hear rate, pulse rate, temperate, oxygen level etc) and collecting data for different people.

    • Biometric Encryption

    • Biometric authentication using blockchain​​

  3. ​5G Technology

    • 5G Physical layer security

    • Use of MM/DL in 5G​

    • Blockchain and 5G

  4. Security

    1. Privacy Preserving Biometric Continuous Authentication​

Software Development 

Other Projects

​1. To enhance the privacy in blockchain-based MCS system by connecting side chain with ethereum blockchain
2. Integration of self-sovereign identity in a blockchain-based MCS system to prevent the Sybil Attack
3. A method to achieve location authenticity in a blockchain-based MCS system
4. Using Zero Knowledge Proof technique for data validation and scalability
5. Integrating various layer 2 scalability solutions with layer-1 blockchins for mobile crowd sensing 
6. A blockchain-based health-related data collection framework leveraging crowdsensing approach
7. A blockchain-based crowdsensing framework for Agricultural sustainability
8. To develop a web3 mobile application for Agricultural-based MCS system
9. To develop a web3 mobile application for collecting 5G mobile signals
10. To develop an end-to-end blockchain-based food supply chain
11. To develop an end-to-end blockchain-based drug supply chain
12. To integrate the homomorphic encryption scheme with blockchain
13. To design and develop a blockchain-based peer review system
14. A secure interaction of IoT devices (read and write data through RFID) with Ethereum blockchain
15. Demonstration of blockchain-enabled IoT devices using IoTeX
16. A survey on decentralized identity management: techniques, challenges, standards, roadmap
17. A survey on blockchain applications in Autonomous Vehicles
18. A survey on blockchain applications in Drones/Internet of Drones
19. A survey on blockchain applications in Agriculture    

20. A survey on Blockchain in insurance sector
21. Considering blockchain-based identity system to build A DeFi application on insurance, borrowing and lending

22. A survey of Blockchain and IoT security

23. A study on different consensus algorithms (POW, POS, POA etc.)

  • Mobile/Web App our startup Cognix ( and other funded projects

  • Development AI assisted cloud based applications for fitness/sports/medical/etc.

  • map construction for autonomous vehicles

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