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Blockchain Technologies & Systems

Welcome to the course

Classes would be conducted in online mode. Visit this page to find regular updates

  • Lecture Schedule: ONLINE Sunday 8.20 AM - 10.20 AM

  • Link to join live lecture sessions: [microsoft Teams]

  • Course Handout: [pdf]

  • Prerequisite: NONE

  • e-Learn LMS: is our Learning Management System (LMS) [link]

  • Participate in pre-course survey; the form is here.

  • All evaluation components are meant to be individual until it is specifically specified. Plagiarism of any form would fetch a serious penalty.

  • Evaluation Schedule:

    • Quiz-01 (5%): Aug 16-30, 2022

    • Quiz-02 (5%): Sept 16-30, 2022

    • Mid-Semester Test Regular (30%) 2H: Sunday, 25/09/2022 (AN) 

    • Assignment (20%): Oct 16-30, 2022

    • Comprehensive Examination Regular (40%) 2H: 27/11/2022 (AN)

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of Blockchain Technologies in the industry. This course involves the study of the basic principles of cryptography, distributed ledger architecture, foundational concepts of blockchains,  blockchain based enterprise systems. The curse aims to focus on the solution architecture of business applications built on top of blockchain systems..

This course also introduces students to the development frameworks like Ethereum and HyperLedger to understand how they work. The main goal of this course is to make students learn how blockchain systems have been used to solve business problems and use cases by having closer looks at several blockchain based business applications.

In summary, the course equips students with knowledge and skill to develop blockchain based business solutions.

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